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Forgotten Masterpieces

June 1, 2011


ozploitation: n. (portmanteau) – low budget horror, comedy and action films made in Australia following the introduction of the R rating in 1971. Of course, we have an industry. We have for over 40 years. An industry littered with films about pretty girls disappearing into rocks and men racing each other to the pyramids and […]

Two inches off the ground

May 31, 2011


Alan Watts, the English writer, once said that when Professor Suzuki was asked what it feels like to experience Satori – a Zen Buddhist term referring to the experience of an “awakening” – the professor replied: “Just the same as ordinary, everyday experience. Except about two inches off the ground”. Later, director and essayist Lindsay […]

I don’t know what to think.

May 11, 2011


What happens when you don’t know how to react? Do you freeze up like a deer caught in the headlights? Sit there catatonic with that glazed, vacant expression as you grapple with how you feel? Do you feel blank or empty or maybe a little bit stupid as you sit there somewhat dumbfounded? Do you […]

Dave Does HBO! (but don’t worry, they consented)

May 8, 2011


Allow me to be candid: I’m not a massive telly watcher. Couple of reasons for that. Primarily, it’s because I’ve never had cable TV, and every series I’ve ever enjoyed has been mercilessly jerked around by commercial networks (*cough* Damages *cough*). Secondly, I prefer the self-enclosed experience of watching a film. Films are totally submersible […]

Douglas Sirk, in Japanese, on acid = Pure Cinema

April 24, 2011


A disclaimer: if you’re wondering what the title of this post refers to, no, I did not watch a Japanese dub of Written on the Wind whilst on acid, although I have absolutely no doubt that that would be nothing short of amazing. Could you imagine: colours more colourful that our eyes can perceive, sets […]

Cinéma vérité, Horror and The Importance of Performance

March 20, 2011


So we come this week to performance styles; something I’ve been looking forward to discussing for many a week now, ever since there was even a flutter of a hope that we may get the opportunity to discuss acting in cinema.   Being – kind of – a stage performer before I was ever a […]

The ‘Ronde’ and Elephant

March 19, 2011


written 13/03/2011   Today, I am feeling rather lethargic and hungry, so if this entry feels either sluggish or starved, this would be why. Furthermore, Mark has now made the critical mistake of using my blog as an example of an apparently informative, pretty and generally awesome (read ‘adequate’) blog, which is frightening because something […]